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2024 Sion - The Story of the Flying Fish Boy

Animation by Yeon Yeoin       Directed by HOBIN 

2021 The G.O.A.T #4: Apichatpong Weerasethakul 01'30''

Animation by Yeon Yeoin       Narration by Omega Sapien      Music by Salamanda

Creative Director San Yawn      Writer Henson Hwang      Released by Balming Tiger

2020 'EXIT' 02'44''

A depiction of a girl trying to escape from her own chaotic mind. Encountering remnants of memories and pieces of herself - often distorted and rearranged - along the way. Running through corners of her brain she finally arrives at an opening. Will this be her way out ?

2020 'Simply look around and view it 00'35"

------------------------anything you want to, do it.

2022 SS KAPPA china promotional video

2021 LEE 〈失蹤〉Feat. 孫盛希 Shi Shi MV

2019 Jade 'Wallflower' lyric video 02'51"


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